Paul Filev is a literary translator from Macedonian and Spanish to English. He has translated the novels Alma Mahler by Sasho Dimoski (Dalkey Archive Press, 2018), Blue Label by Eduardo Sánchez Rugeles (Turtle Point Press, 2018), the anthology Contemporary Macedonian Fiction (Dalkey Archive Press, 2019), and the short story collection My Husband by Rumena Bužarovska (Dalkey Archive Press, 2019). Other recent translations include the novels 3 Minutes and 53 Seconds by Branko Prlja (Dalkey Archive Press, 2020), The Sorrow of Miles Franklin beneath Mount Kajmakčalan by Ivan Čapovski (Cadmus Press, 2020), The Lisbon Syndrome by Eduardo Sánchez Rugeles (Forthcoming with Turtle Point Press), and the short story “The Fish Tank” by Gabriel Payares (Asymptote, July 2021). He lives in Melbourne.