3 Minutes and 53 Seconds by Branko Prlja (Dalkey Archive Press, 2020)

Infidelity by Dejan Trajkoski (Dalkey Archive Press, 2020)

My Husband by Rumena Bužarovska (Dalkey Archive Press, 2019)

Contemporary Macedonian Fiction (Dalkey Archive Press, 2019)

“Events Agency” by Olivera Ḱorveziroska in Best European Fiction 2019 (Dalkey Archive Press)

“The Clowns” from the short-story collection Lo irreparable by Gabriel Payares (Ediciones Puntocero, Caracas, 2016)

Blue Label Cover

Blue Label by Eduardo Sánchez Rugeles (Turtle Point Press, 2018)

Alma Mahler Cover

Alma Mahler by Sasho Dimoski (Dalkey Archive Press, 2018)


“A Different Kind of Weapon” by Kalina Maleska in Best European Fiction 2018 (Dalkey Archive Press)


“Beba” by Snežana Mladenovska Angjelkov in Best European Fiction 2017 (Dalkey Archive Press)

“I Don’t Want to Eat” from the short-story collection Осмица—Wisdom Tooth (Blesok, 2010) by Rumena Bužarovska

The Last Summer in the Old Bazaar_Cover

The Last Summer in the Old Bazaar by Vera Bužarovska (Saguaro Books, 2015)